About Salty Warrior Clothing

Salty Warrior Clothing is fishing apparel designed by fisherman for fisherman. Shane Chalker and Simon Black both lifelong fisherman wanted to design unique fishing shirts that were comfortable to wear, sun safe and original in appearance.  Incorporating high quality images taken by photographer Shane Chalker makes  these shirts stand out from the rest.All Salty Warrior Fishing shirts are made with the highest quality materials with moisture wicking, anti bacterial properties and have most importantly have a UPF 40 + ratings.

Simon Black

Simon Black is very proud to be involved in the making of salty warrior clothing. He is a very keen fisherman, and enjoys all different types of fishing. He has fished for every thing from barra in the gulf, to blackfish off the rocks.

Growing up in Forster Tuncurry on the NSW Mid North Coast gave Simon access to excellent estuary and blue water fishing, giving him a good knowledge of different species and how to target them. His favourite forms  of fishing are is chasing snapper on plastics , and down rigging for kingfish. Simon is sure you will be stoked with any of the salty warrior clothing you purchase. Good fishing!

Shane Chalker

Shane Chalker was born the son of a lighthouse keeper so he was always going to have an affinity with the ocean. Spending all of his youth on the coast it wasn’t long until he discovered the joys in which the sea could provide him, surfing and fishing soon became an addiction and a majority of his free time was soon spent in or on the ocean.

Working in many different sectors of the commercial fishing industry in his early working life (tuna long lining, handling and fishing charters) taught Shane how the ocean could provide an enjoyable way of making a living if you were willing to work hard. These opportunities continued to expand Shane’s love of the ocean environment.

Body boarding has always been a big part of Shanes life, spending countless hours in the surf, going before and after school in his early days surfing as long as light would allow. He had a go at the Australian pro body boarding tour where he held his own but never quite got the big win he was chasing. Surfing is still a massive part of his life and with his 14 year old daughter Millie finding a fancy  for riding waves at a competitive level has reignited his flame  and has found himself again spending many hours in the surf.

Working as a full time professional photographer now Shane has combined his love of the ocean into his work, shooting fishing, underwater water, surfing and photos of empty waves is one of his favourite subjects to shoot. He is also the photographer for one of Australians leading fishing magazines “Fishing World” which has had him travel to locations all over the East Coast of  Australian and select parts of the world including New Caledonia and Costa Rica. Shane is also the camera man for Fishing show presenter Michael Guest and his show “Reel Action” which has provided him with numerous amazing opportunities and experiences.

Living in an area with an abundance of fishing opportunities at Forster Tuncurry on the NSW mid north coast, Shane is able to enjoy most styles of fishing including Estuary, Lake, rock and blue water targeting an array of species from Bass to Marlin. He looks forward to handing down his fishing knowledge to his 12 year old son Curtis who is already an extremely keen angler.

Shane’s photos of fish have won him numerous awards and plenty of exposure in magazines. Working alongside his wife Rhonda an idea formed to start making fishing Apparel incorporating Shanes images on sun safe comfortable clothing designed for fishermen. Partnering up with Simon and Anna Black, Salty Warrior was born.  They look forward to producing high quality original clothing for all types of fishos, young and old male and female.